Updates + New Hobby!

September 23rd, 2010 in Articles, News by

Hi fellow readers, thanks for the supports from you guys all the while. I know there is not much updates from me on kailoon.com. I can’t promise to update more frequently but I can tell there will be slightly more updates in the future. I am a little busy with some freelance projects and I am looking for a new home for my family, recently.

Company Setup & Hiring

If you follow me on Twitter, you may noticed that I already setup my own design company – LoonDesign Studio back in 31st March 2010. I haven’t setup the company website yet, still thinking about the branding and the direction. But I will turn kailoon.com into my personal blog and blog about what I am doing, share my learnings via tutorials and recommend any great sites / services I’d used.

It is tired to look for programmer every time I get a new project. So far, I am working with Arzumy & Kamal who is expert in Ruby On Rails. But they are too busy with other projects as well. So, I am looking for a programmer who specialize in php or Ruby ( RoR), you can either partner with me or work for me as an employee. If you are interested, send me an email.

New Hobby

Oh ya, I just get myself a new DSLR camera. This is the first ever digital camera I ever bought in my life. Its a Nikon D5000. I am totally new in photography, so if you’re also a newbie or you love photographing. Join me on flickr. Some photos I took during a wedding ceremony.


That’s all for today.

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