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vectortutsAnother tutorials site from the founder of psdtuts. Currently, they are running PSDTUTS, NETTUTS and now VECTORTUTS. All using same web template with different colors. The system and structure remain the same. Another good place for you to learn tutorial now. From the name itself, you can know that this will mainly focus on Vector creation. They will provide tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, CorelDRAW and others drawing tools.

Three Great Tutorial Sites


All of them are providing high quality tutorials written by professionals all around the world. So, what should I say? They are brilliant! We can learn, get inspired and communicate with other designers from other countries. It just like a small community.

Get Involved

If you are good in writing tutorials and like to share what you know. You can try to contribute to the community by submitting your tutorials. You will get paid $150 /tutorial published! If you wish to improve your skills, want to learn more. You can sign up to become a member and to be able to download the source files. Currently, only PSDTUTS is offering the MemberPlus program.


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