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web challengesDo you know what is web challenges? Maybe you don’t but I bet you know what challenge is about. Challenges can be good or evil. What I am going to talk about is the good challenges. I found that there are a lot of web challenges web site being created. For example xhtmlchallenge and ComamanShift3 ( Hot Or Not ) if you don’t know. Well, recently I found a new one – Should Redesign? What I straight forward and easy to remember web title. Is it really only a challenges? Or there is something you can learn too from there? Let me g through with you …

The concepts

web challengesBasically, the concepts are simple enough. Audience submit the sites to be challenged and also let other audience to vote for the best web design / coding from their point of view. For ShoulRedesign, you only need to vote either YES or NO. If you can’t decide, SKIP it. That’s all. Then, your vote will be take into account and you can see how many people felt that the site need to be redesign or not. From here, as a designer, we also can see what the majority audience like and also what they don’t like. This made us easy to get track of the web design trend. Other than this, we can also easily find out which site is leading the creative trends and which is not. I think it is a good place for web designers to get references too when they need inspiration for a new web design. I stated again, it is references but not copy and paste! :p here is my little thinking :

Be confident to your design, feeling and senses. 
We may create bad design but we MUST not COPY others.

Why People Challenge?

I always like to submit my site to those challenge but not to win something but to learn something. I can know what people don’t like in my design, style, colors usage and etc. For me, it is a good practice for self improvements. I submitted LoonDesign to a lot of CSS Gallery already and finally accepted by CSSVault. What this means? Why I only got one approval and what happen to the rest applications? What this means to me? I think it is a message to tell me that my site / my style / my design or even my skills are still not up to the current CSS standard. So, I need to improve more and learn harder than before.

So, sometimes we just can’t be too stubborn when we are designing something or creating something for clients. This is special note for those freelancers out there. Something maybe you won’t agree or you will say ” cross over my dead body!” but the fact is the client pay you to do so and you decided to take the job. So, better to follow their requirements. If you think you prefer to have more freedom on the creative part, better don’t take the job and start your own business now.


I understand that there are a lot of incident which complaint by freelancers and I don’t want to mention more into details here. It is always not a easy job to be a freelancer. You have to follow what the clients’ need and also accept their critics on your design (which they think is sucks and you think is the best in the world). It hurts sometimes …

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