Web Designer? Blog Designer? Freelancer?

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Quite a long time I do not write a post here. Recently, I am busy in preparing some stuffs which is related to web design, hmm.. I think blog design is more suitable. Do you have ever think of this? You are doing web design or you are designing a blog all the while? Do you need me to explain what is the different? I think not necessary, right? I think I can say that blog design is categorized under web design, are you agree with me? Or, do you have other better title for them? or just use my WordPress Designer? hahah… okie.. continue reading and find it out.

Where to go?

As you can see, I am getting some freelance job recently and I also post them up in my portfolio page (some are still under development). You may notice that. I am doing stuff more related to blog design using WordPress. Is this a good sign? If you have read about my previous post about “who am I ?”. You may find out whether I am a WordPress Designer or just a Web Designer.

All Rounded Freelancer, CanYou Name One Here?

I also don’t know why? All the clients are using a blog. Funny right? Or, can we say that everyone like to be a blogger nowadays? I got no idea. Faith? they all using wordpress too … I think this is not good for a freelancer because this may limited his source of clients.

I think if you want to be a freelancer, you need to be all rounded. Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, CSS, JavaScript etc. He/she need to have good design sense, color sense and also well organized coding style. Besides, he/she also need to be able to build a system on his/her own. Lastly, he/she need to have good imagination to create high quality motion graphic and video/animation. Wow…sound like our local vacancy’s requirements, right?

My concern

For me, I never meet a person like this. I only meet who have good design skill and sense or someone who good in coding. It is nearly impossible to find someone like that and further, they only offer not more than RM 5,000 for a person who have those kind of god skills. Can you believe it? This is also one of the reason why I am not so eager to learn something new now. I prefer to focus more on what I am doing now. which is blog and design.

I just worry that if I get started something new now, I will forget what I know now. Or, I may lost interest in what I am doing now. So, Web Designer? Blog Designer or Freelancer? I will go for Web Designer which focus on wordpress. I am not saying the other two are wrong. You have the right to choose where to go. Each of us have our own destiny.

Real Life

Dream is still a dream. Sometimes, we just can’t avoid from it. I may be one of the local full time freelancer soon. Our maid is going back to her country soon. She is helping my mum to take care of my sister all the while. We are looking for new maid but it take minimum 3 months to get a new one. So, I got no choice but to quit my current job and work on something that I can work from home. So, freelancer will be my first option now. If I can choose, I still prefer to work under a company, in a group.

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