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March 28th, 2008 in Articles, News by

Recently, you may found that there is only few update or something no update here. What’s wrong with Kai Loon? Quit from blogging? No, Kai Loon still here. He is currently developing a WordPress theme. It is about to release soon here. So, will you choose to use the theme and give Kai Loon some support? What actually are your main consideration when purchasing a WordPress theme? 2 column? 3 column? widget ready? color theme? fancy? simple? Well, I will need your comment and vote to help me on my future theme development.

Theme – Blue Blog

Blue Blog is the name for the theme and the targeted user is mostly for blogger. As you can display your nice photo on the top of the page. It is widget ready, tabbing system and with my own icon set. It is a 3 column WordPress theme too. More info will be show when the theme is released.


Well, it is not free. However, the price will not be so high as I only need money to pay my hosting and sure the hours I spent for the theme. So, I may need your help now to give me some idea of how you think about purchasing a wordpress theme?

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