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March 30th, 2008 in WordPress by

Wow, I just come back from home town and the first thing I found when I login to my admin panel is the release of WordPress 2.5. WordPress Upgrade…I experienced this before and I bet most of you did too. Last time when I upgrade for the first time. I facing the data base structure problem and I have to reorganize all my post and category. It is a nightmare to me. This time, I try with my another blog which is a new blog and just launched few day ago. Hah! All went smooth and nothing happen! So, I upgrade kailoon.com as well.

What’s New?

Well, you can read it from here and I am not going to comment or act like pro in this point of view.


The interface is absolutely far far better than the old version. It look lighter and smooth. Simple and clean are always the best description for WordPress Admin panel. They put all stuff all in their own group and I think this may help the development in the future. Personally, I count the time I spent to make this post and it take longer. Well, I think we all need time to make us adapt into the new layout and interface.
Few-click plugin upgrades � They will do the downloading and installing the upgrade for you. Sound cool right? but it is still depending on your host setting. You can check it out more from here.
I also tested my latest WordPress theme with the new WP version and it work well too. So lucky :) …


It is a big step from WordPress Development Team and it make the future of WP Development brighter. I just can’t stop my myself from using wordpress as it is too good to be created. After I read The Future of WordPress Theme I was a bit afraid because I think I am too slow to start. But now, I think I am not afraid at all as I know that even not much people will use my themes but I still honor to be part of the WordPress Developer (although I am only the theme designer) :P Cheers!


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