WordPress 2.6 Released

July 15th, 2008 in WordPress by

The WordPress crew has just released the latest and greatest edition of WordPress, version 2.6. This release, also called as Tyner, brings even more fantastic features to our favorite open-source blogging platform. Luckily, my new theme. No, all the themes that I created so far are compatible to wordpress 2.6. Phew ~ This time, wordpress teams really work hard and finally created a nearly perfect version. I strongly recommend you to upgrade yours as soon as possible because there will be no longer support older version, even version 2.5.

Key New Features

There are also some small features which I think is useful including Word Count, Image captions, Bulk management of plugins and a completely revamped image control to allow for easier inserting, floating, and resizing. It’s now fully integrated with the WYSIWYG.

I’ve already upgrade all my sites. How about you? If you find any problem while upgrading your wordpress. Drop me a comment here, I will try to help. But remember, backup before upgrade! Good Luck!


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