EverCondo App Design

Evercondo is a platform that allows condominium and high-rise based property managers and owners to access management tasks.

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Year 2015

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EverCondo App Design

The Project #

Evercondo strives to tackle the problems faced by condo / HOA managers to deal with a large number of residents, resulting in miscommunication and poor quality of service for the entire community. It replaces the old ways where both managers and residents communicate and manage day-to-day chores using phones, emails, fax etc.

The mobile app allows residents to

  • Quickly make reservations
  • Get notifications for package deliveries
  • Access community files
  • Check account balances
  • Make payments
  • Read announcements
  • Send messages to managers.

It is a mobile app, which mean the communities can be managed while on the go through the mobile app.

Management companies are finally measuring and improving their services at scale using real life performance data such as overall response time and service request resolution.

App walkthough
App walkthrough screens.

Happy Client, Happy Ending #

The startup grows 300 Percent since 2016. I am so happy to learn that this startup has been acquired in 2017.