Makes event management and community engagement into as simple as the flick of a switch.

Services Brand Identity & Web Development

Year 2013

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Yao Quan coFounder of FlickEvents
Kailoon is talented and sharp. Paired with a keen design sense and patience when dealing with clients, he’s a trustable resource to work with when it comes to branding and UI/UX works. I’ve entrusted him with the branding works of my 2 companies and will continue to do so in the future.

The Client #

It is a project from a recurring client. We work on a brand identity project previously. This time, the client needs to launch an event management service. The service focuses on audience engagement and fully utilise technology to help user setup event with ease. FlickEvents help businesses by providing insight analytics to help businesses to discover intelligently, to outreach, grow and maintain relationships with each other.

Branding #

Since this is a new product, there isn't much data that we can work with. We did our research by studying a few of our competitors. The goals are:

  • To create a logo that's easy to integrate into a banner
  • Easy to remember.
logo explorations
logo mark explorations
logo marks mockup
logo marks mockup

Initially, we try something more 'event' related by using a curtain and pulse as the base elements. Unfortunately, the outcome isn't as expected.

The logo mark looks like something related to show business. It doesn't explain the objective of FlickEvents. So, I continue to explore the possibilities and options for this rebranding project. The idea is to provide a 2-dimensional mark that showcases the perspective of the provided services.

final logo guidelines
Final logo guidelines

Web #

We took the more direct approach when explaining how FlickEvents work. A shorter header without large hero image and jump straight into How it works section. We also provide a nice little section to introduce both of the young founders of FlickEvents.

web design
Features and how it works section.
web design
The about page.

The Result #

The client is very happy with result 😀