Warehouse Inventory Management WMS and CRM Software.

Services Logo Design & Brand Identity

Year 2015

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Yao Quan Founder of Qbasis
Kailoon is talented and sharp. Paired with a keen design sense and patience when dealing with clients, he’s a trustable resource to work with when it comes to branding and UI/UX works. I’ve entrusted him with the branding works of my 2 companies and will continue to do so in the future.

The Client #

Yao Quan is a recurring client and a developer friend of mine, after the collaboration of Tinder, we understand each other more.

Yup, that sound like a relationship. I treat every client like a friend and try to understand them by having efficient communication and do not shy to let them know what I think.

The challenge #

The task is to create a logo mark that communicates what the company does — Warehouse Inventory Management WMS and CRM Software. The client is looking for something modern, minimal & the users can get a sense of what they do.

qbasis logo exploration
from to-left(1) to bottom-right(4) - Z direction

The Solution #

We tried different approaches using the initials of the business name - Q along with the company tagline. I provided a few variants for the client to choose from:

  1. Create the ‘Q’ using a negative space but maintaining the basic shape. Negative space always has the ‘aha’ moment/effect when people look at it.
  2. A more common method, the letter Q is using an origami effect.
  3. Extending from the previous option using a complete letter Q along with matching typeface.
  4. The last option is a more far-fetch attempt.

Eventually, Yao Quan likes the origami effect.

The Result #

With a few more tweaks and adjustment, we finalised with the logo below. A complete letter Q using the origami effect with the negative space to form an up-arrow which represent the growth of the business.

qbasis logo guidelines
logo guidelines